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Tatiana P. Mitchell is available to host variety of workshops for parents, caregivers, businesses and schools. Core competencies focusing on education, awareness and overall change across settings and populations. 


  • Engagement

  • Social/Life Skills

  • DYI Sensory Items

  • Autism/Mental Health Awareness

  • Empowerment

  • Entrepreneurship

Behavior Health Training

Tatiana P. Mitchell has been in the behavioral health field for 10 years, and has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Rowan University. She also received a Master of Science degree from Capella University in 2017. Tatiana has gained extensive knowledge and experience through an internship where she practiced one on one educational instruction and respite services for children with Autism, developmental disabilities and Intellectual disabilities. Her work also includes having experience as a behavior interventionist, clinical manager, behavior support specialist, substitute teacher and teacher’s assistant. She also has experience in writing behavior support plans, serving on IDT teams (Interdisciplinary Team), organizing IEP (Individualized Education Plan) and IHP (Individualized Habilitation Plan) meetings, behavioral training, staff training and managing classrooms and group homes. Her research focused on the use of technology as assistive guides to support individuals with Autism and developmental disabilities, with obtaining and maintaining employment. Tatiana contribution, has also allowed her to focus on bridging the gap between behavioral support in our public-school systems to decrease dropout rates and behavioral concerns while increasing engagement, positive practice, resources and literacy.

Speaking: From The Heart

As a mother her obligation to be the example. As a behavioral therapist her obligation is to provide the best practices to inspire others to become better in our urban communities. As a mentor for youth, it is her obligation to be transparent, and bring forth strategies for our youth to stray away from being a statistic. She is dedicated to guiding individuals away from paths I know aren't best because I've experienced them. As a survivor of abuse, neglect, & suicide it is her obligation to keep going and execute by any means necessary. Most importantly, as a leader she must make the biggest impact in her city, heart and in the World! “I want to be able to share my experiences with the world and truly be a resource.”  - Tatiana P.